Tower of the ancient castle of Cassinasco (torre dell'antico castello di Cassinasco)

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All that remains of the Cassinasco castle, destroyed in 1615, is a tower with a square plan 20 meters high.

The spot offers a splendid panoramic view over the whole circle of the Alps.

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It is what remains of the ancient castle that was sacked and set on fire by Frank — Savoy troops in 1615 during the war for the succession of Monferrato.

Once, the castle of Cassinasco with its tower had to have extreme strategic importance because it dominated the road that led from the Belbo valley into the Bormida valley; here the crossroads of the medieval tracks branched off with Rocchetta Palafea, Loazzolo, Bubbio and Canelli, whose route is largely traced from today's streets.

The tower is presumed to have been erected in the Byzantine — Longobard times, like others in the area.

It presents a square plan like that of Cavatore, Terzo and Olmo Gentile with a very massive, high structure and a fine squared stone.

On the north and south sides, there are traces of constructions leaning and tucked into the structure, a clear sign of the simultaneous construction, it can be assumed, of a small castle building.

The recently restored medieval tower has an internal staircase an internal staircase with a walkway about 20 meters high (with visits always possible) with important naturalistic engineering works, has been prepared a lookout from which you can admire the circle of the Alps with the Monviso isolated in the background, and closer the Belbo and Bormida valleys.

The creation of a green area, with a dance floor and playground, made it possible to revive the entire upper part of the village, which remains the center of Cassinasco's social life.

In fact, just opposite the formerly fortified high ground, we find the parish church dedicated to St. Hilary.


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