Church of St. Hilary of Poitiers (chiesa di Sant'Ilario di Poitiers)

Address: Via Castello, 14050 Cassinasco AT, Italia

Just opposite the formerly fortified high ground of the “castle” we find the parish church dedicated to St. Hilary.

St. Hilary's, collected and harmonious, still reveals Baroque features in the interior, where, in addition to an eighteenth-century marble altar with a rounded frontal, valuable frescoes from different periods are visible.

Among the many decorations, an apsidal canvas, presumably from the seventeenth century, depicting the patron saint, a tondo with a saint perhaps still from the sixteenth century and a beautiful depiction of the Holy Virgin feeding the baby Jesus, drawing with a spoon from a plate supported by an angel, while St. Joseph follows the scene slyly flaunting a chunk of cherries.


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